Class of 2022: Don’t Let the Pandemic Stop Our Party!


photo Khalise Carter-Vaughn/Tommy Chong

The Class of 2022 met at First Summer in 2018.

For the class of 2022 the time is ticking. Graduation is getting closer and there still has been no decision whether the seniors will get a prom. Most seniors are still wondering: will they be able to get a senior prom or trip?

Senior Odalis Taveras stated, “Having a prom would be better because we’re not gonna be allowed to go on a fun senior trip because of Covid. And prom is at least our last night to get all together and have fun before we graduate.”

Most seniors have been dreaming about having a senior prom and trip to celebrate their accomplishments and finally leaving high school after four years of hard work. According to the New York Post, “The prom prohibition — quietly posted on the DOE website last week [March 2021] — comes a year after big nights of dining and dancing for the Class of 2020, about 61,000 graduates, were abruptly canceled early in the pandemic.” The pandemic has taken so much from many different people. Having these two important events was the only thing to look forward to comng back to school for senior year.

At least 50% of the seniors want a trip and then 30% of the seniors want a prom and the other 20% really want to do both. The senior who wants a trip because it can be at least a weekend trip. There will be more activities to do and it will give us seniors a taste of being away from our parents before going to college. The seniors who want a prom want to get dressed up and dance all night and take pictures so they have multiple memories.

Even though the seniors for class of 2022 should get a prom and trip it’s not seeming like we will get that luxury. Our principal Mr. Glatz said, “ I don’t have the specific details but I have to wait for what the DOE says.” The main reasons that might make the senior trip seem less likely than a prom is because we have to see the school’s budget and come up with fundraisers for extra money. They also would have to come up with Covid regulations for a senior trip.