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Coach Martinez: Guiding the Track Team to Success

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Coach Martinez, the coach of the school’s track and field team, has a passion for running and a commitment to her students have shaped the program over the past three years.

“I used to run track in high school,” Ms. Martinez said, “but it wasn’t until college that I truly fell in love with the sport.”

“I heard they needed a coach for the girls here at Pace, and I figured it would be a good fit. I’ve always been active, so coaching seemed like a natural next step,” she said.

Coach Martinez detailed the rigorous training and practice schedule the team adhered to this past season.

“We start early with preseason training, practicing at least twice a week,” she said, her eyes glancing over the group with pride.

“Most meets take place on Wednesdays and Thursdays, but we’re flexible to accommodate our athletes’ needs.”

Academic excellence is a cornerstone of Coach Martinez’s philosophy, and she emphasizes the importance of balancing athletics with schoolwork.

“Students are always students first,” she asserts firmly. “Academics need to be up to standard, and I work closely with teachers to ensure my athletes excel in the classroom.”

As the conversation turns to potential improvements if the budget allowed, Coach Martinez’s eyes lit up with excitement. “Extra funds would mean more opportunities for our team,” she said, her mind already racing with possibilities. “We could invest in better equipment, offer additional training sessions, or even organize team-building activities to foster camaraderie.”

With each word, Coach Martinez’s passion for her sport and her students shines through, illuminating the path forward for Pace High’s track and field team.

Under her guidance, they’re not just athletes, they’re a community united by a shared love for running and a commitment to excellence.

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