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Junior Makes Transition to New School

photo Roque Silvagnoli
“Pace is a lot better than my old school, honestly.”

Jade Cabera is a new junior who is on the softball team. She transferred in the middle of the year from Bronx School of Law and Finance. She is very new to the Pace community and has liked the transition so far.

This interview has been edited and condensed.

How is Pace compared to your old school? Is it better or worse?

Pace is a lot better than my old school, honestly, because I have a lot of freedom here. The kids here are really nice. Same thing with the teachers. It’s pretty chill. I like it.

What caused you to move to Pace?

Transportation issues, because my school was all the way in the Bronx. I live in Manhattan and it [the commute] took an hour and plus the kids there were just hella toxic. The teachers were just way too much emotionally. It was just way too much.

Has Pace staff and students been helping you transition?

Yeah. They’ve been really, really helpful. Like I haven’t gotten any rude remarks from anyone, which is surprising because usually at my old school, everyone is just mad rude to each other, everyone’s just really rude. So, I really didn’t feel welcome. I’m still kind of adjusting, but it’s a process. I’ll get there.

Are you interested in joining any clubs at Pace?

Right now, I’m on the softball team. I think that’s pretty much all I’ll do, honestly, because I’m trying to get my head around the fact that I’m still in the new school.

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