Girls’ Bathrooms Have Issues



Samiya Cruz

Each bathroom with empty feminine products.

There are multiple issues inside of the girls’ bathrooms. One is regarding the lack of feminine hygiene products available for us.

Although there’s a supply machine for pads and tampons inside of each girls’ bathroom, since the school year started it hasn’t been filled.

This leads to a struggle of having to travel from one floor to another just to receive a feminine product. Or having to call friends to receive one, which takes time from both students’ education. Of course teachers become skeptical about the time being spent in the bathroom.

This has taken time away from being in class, which involves a bigger issue with teachers, especially male teachers due to young women being uncomfortable sharing such emergencies with them.

Although products for females are accessible here at Pace, they are just not reasonable to receive. You can receive pads and tampons from the main office or the dean’s office, but at the moment there isn’t enough time or knowledge to receive one. This is a huge inconvenience.

There is a girls’ bathroom on the second floor next to the main office, however, for an unknown reason that bathroom is usually locked. There are different occasions where the bathroom is available such as if there’s testing going on to allow students to have better access to a bathroom, however during regular school hours it’s shut down.

As a result, students who have classes on the second floor have to travel around the school to find the closest bathroom available.

There’s much work that needs to be done on the facilities in the girls’ bathrooms. Pace and the Department of Education should invest in and fix these issues in our school bathrooms.

3rd floor bathroom stall is missing a door. (Samiya Cruz)

Not only the issue with the tampons and pad dispenser but the stalls themselves are another problem.

The third floor girl’s bathrooms need the most improvement. There’s one stall that has a big gap in between the door allowing it to be uncomfortable to use due to the lack of privacy. Also the last stall in the bathroom has a missing door so no one can use it.
As well as, in almost all the bathrooms the locks on the doors are mostly broken allowing the doors to open easily while using.

Students feel uncomfortable while using the bathroom.

Another issue with the bathrooms is the water temperature. It is either way too hot that students aren’t able to properly wash their hands or too cold. Students should be able to feel comfortable to use the bathroom without being uncomfortable.