Late Policy Creates Havoc in Student Learning



Raiyann Zaman

Student scanning in at Pace’s main entrance.

Pace has implemented a rule starting spring semester that if students come to school after 8:40 in the morning, they will not be allowed upstairs to attend their first period class. Students are held in the cafeteria until the second period begins.

This rule prevents students that come in late from disturbing their first period classes and bothering the teachers’ lessons.

At the entrance where students scan IDs, Ms. Knight and members of school safety enforce this policy.

The administration implemented this rule to stop disruptions for students that are here on time. But should students be stopped from going to class in the morning?

Many here at Pace are annoyed with this new policy and don’t see a point in it.

Omar Saquisili, a sophomore, expressed his annoyance and said, “I think it’s pointless that they stopped me from going to class even when there was 30 minutes left – I could have learned in those 30 minutes and I wouldn’t be behind on my work in class.”

Since students are not able to go to their first period class, most students are behind on work. Therefore, they must stay after school or spend their lunch period making up work or completing their exams.

Algebra 2 teacher, Ms. Trezza said, “I see why administration is doing this rule because late students disrupt the class. But I don’t agree with this because if you miss ten minutes of class, you still have a chance of catching up with the work.”

This rule is implemented to stop latecomers although many students have expressed their dislike towards this rule.