Senior College Application Process

Seniors are ready to graduate and most are planning to attend college. The college process is one of many and a difficult process to achieve.

Usually sophomores attend college trips that are sponsored by Pace, but due to Covid students in the class of 2023 weren’t allowed. Most colleges weren’t giving in-person tours in 2021.

During their junior year students were introduced to college fairs and college guidance advisory in the second semester. In March, they all took the SAT to begin their college application process.

During their senior year students were allowed to retake the SAT and ACT. From September to January, seniors applied to colleges as well as scholarships.

Slowly in the spring, they started to hear back whether they were accepted or not to colleges. On May1 many seniors chose their colleges that they wish to attend.

The stressful process was accommodated by Ms. Sardia, the Liberty Partnership Program (L.P.P.) cite coordinator from Pace University and Ms. Burke, the college guidance counselor.

Ms. Burke explained, “Substantial amount of time is spent helping students as they move through the college application process. This includes assisting students who do not wish to pursue college, helping them figure out other options that align with their career goals.”

Senior Gifty Boahene said, “The college application process was weird. Ms. Sardia was on top of me. She asked for a lot of items such as my parents’ social. But since I had Ms. Sardia it wasn’t as hard.”

Ms. Sardia said, “I would describe it [the college application process] as a very long journey. As a counselor, I tell students what to do and give them all the support they need. But sometimes it’s on the students to listen. And if they don’t listen, it delays their progress.”

After all the hard work Boahene submitted her college applications last winter. Recently she decided that she will be continuing her education journey at Hostos Community College majoring in dental hygiene.