Journalism Teacher Honored with Robert Greenman Award


photo Martha Martin

Mr. Rohlfing was honored by the Deadline Club, the New York City chapter of the Society for Professional Journalists.

Journalism teacher Mr. Rohlfing has won the Robert Greenman Award because of his excellence in high school journalism teaching and advising.

Journalism is something that he is passionate about. “I love reading the news. I am an English teacher, but I love nonfiction, history and reading a lot of journalism. I knew that Pace didn’t have a journalism program and I wanted to start one,” Mr. Rohlfing said.

Pacer NYC is a website where high schoolers can write what they are passionate about. Ninth grader Katelynn Seetaram said, “I find journalism interesting. It brings out the journalistic side of people. Journalism starts up people’s careers, and gives people options.”

Brandy Howard, also in the ninth grade, said, “I think this class is very eventful, and I believe this class can be very educational for those who are looking to advance themselves when it comes to writing or even creative writing.”

Mr. Rohlfing founded The Pacer in 2009, but lost the funding in 2012. A year later he got the funding back but he didn’t restart until last fall.

Mr. Rohlfing deserves the award of helping students find what interests them, and using that to write about and express it to students, teachers and to anyone who reads the Pacer NYC news.

Journalism is about writing information and presenting it in an interesting way for readers, And the class that Mr. Rohlfing teaches gives students the opportunity to do that.