Black History Celebrated in February


photo Nicoletta Lanfranco

Step Team performs for the freshman and sophomores.

The second annual Black History Month celebration was held on Feb. 17 and 18 in two seperate performances.

At the Black history performance the step team, cheerleaders, and choir performed. Freshman Nyzaiha Aviles sang the song “Glory” by Common and John Legend.

Ahlyah Horton, ninth grade, said, ”The importance of Black History Month is to celebrate our achievements, and what we have gone through in the past.”

This program was organized by the Student Government Organization which is also known as the SGO.

Daniela Umeweni, president of the SGO, said, ”I’ve been doing this since sophomore year and I kind of did it in middle school, so after a while it just comes naturally to me.” Umeweni has lots of experience with shows and being an emcee.

Mr. Widlund, SGO advisor, said, “It’s been a tradition at Pace for as long as I’ve been here. In February we always do an assembly for Black History Month.’’

Widlund also said, “We want to come together to create community and collaborate.” Being together is important because it shows how much everyone appreciates performances like these.

The Black History Month program was the first time Pace students gathered together in the auditorium, though the school was divided by grades for two different performances.

Juniors and seniors saw the Black History Month performances on Thursday, Feb. 17 during fourth period. Freshmen and sophomores saw the performances on Friday, Feb. 18 during eighth period. Each grade got to enjoy the performance on their own and have a superior experience.