Volleyball Team Deserves Better

Editorial Opinion

Volleyball is a sport played by so many of the high school girls and boys here at Pace. In order to have a good season you need to have home games. The energy, the support, the hype of the whole school piling onto the bleachers just to watch a game. But… our team hasn’t had any home games due to the quality of our gym. Our gym needs to be reconstructed into a facility with a higher ceiling, air conditioning, open ventilation, new floors, updated and clean locker rooms, and a new net that doesn’t tie to the wall and stays sturdy through poles and velcro.

Another problem that has been brought to my attention is the Department of Education makes it known to all public high schools in New York City that we aren’t allowed to cut girls from our team. The DOE thinks that everyone should get an equal opportunity. Well, there are girls that just want to spend some time and do a little sport for a few months and get it out of the way. And maybe they don’t really take the sport very seriously. But others who have higher goals, find it fair if the captain of the team could cut the girls that didn’t meet the team expectation. Imagine if you are the starter for the volleyball team and you need to get your reps in for practice. And along comes a girl with no experience just getting in the way (not on purpose) and thinking she can just mess around. It just gets harder to be prepared for games if six out of forty plus girls are on the court at a time and not all go to the games.