Does Social Media Affect Teens Negatively?

Teens for the most part are on their phones constantly. They either play games, talk with their friends or are on social media.
According to Common Sense Media, most teens spend an average of nine hours a day on social media. Teens can go on social media anytime and anywhere–at home, school, on the train, etc. The debatable question is, is social media bad for teens?

Teens are able to see more things on social media and it might affect them emotionally. “I compare myself to influencers and it makes me feel like s***. But I try not to think about it,” said senior J.P. Hornstein.

Tai Perry, also a senior, added, “social media affects me in ways besides emotionally, because I have more access to things that can affect me negatively.”

Teens are aware that social media has the power to modify them, but they still use it because social media is enjoyable. Some teens don’t actually alter their feelings in a negative way but it does influence their actions. “I mimic styles and personalities I see on social media if someone says or acts a certain way that matches my personality,” said Cayla Bovell, a senior.

Khailiyah Flood

There’s no harm in this, in this case social media is like a friend. When you’re around a friend too much you start to pick up some traits from one another. Another teen Daniela Umeweni said, “I often copy phrases or dances I see but they don’t change me as a person.”

Parents who have teens have a different view on this debatable topic. Many parents believe that social media is only negative. “Social media is affecting the way kids socialize because they’re so used to texting online. Physically, they’re constantly sitting on their phone all day,” said Rosalyn Perez, mother of Chelsea Fashaw. The parent is concerned for her child.

Another parent says, “Social media does negatively impact kids because a lot of people only post negative things because those videos get the most likes or views’ ‘ said Renee Eddy, Khailiyah Flood’s

mom. doesn’t tell her child to delete social media, but advises all teens to choose the social media they’re on wisely and don’t be on the app for too long.

According to, “Using social media more often, though, increases FOMO [fear or missing out] and feelings of inadequacy, dissatisfaction, and isolation. In turn, these feelings negatively affect your mood and worsen symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress.” Statically, social media does impact teens. Depending on the child it can have a positive or negative impact.