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Recovery Classes Help Students Graduate on Time

photo Jazlyn Melendez

Recovery classes were made as a strategy to deal with the high failure rates that schools have. And they encourage students who are at-risk to retry a course for a better grade. 

Jamie Balbuena, junior, said, “This is the class [global recovery] that I’m missing the most credits for and didn’t take this class last semester.” 

Robert Anderson, junior, encourages recovery classes. He said, “I recommend the recovery classes most definitely because the teacher pushes us. If you are lacking in certain areas then recovery classes are definitely needed because how else are you gonna recover?” 

In global history recovery, Balbuena said, “I do my assignments and I work at my own pace. There’s only one assignment each week. “ 

These classes have different teaching methods but all have the same goal in mind and that is for everybody to pass and recover a credit.

Every student needs a total of 44 credits ot graduate from high school.

At Pace High School, the graduation rates in 2023 was 87 percent, a decreased of one percent from 2022. 

Some recovery classes Pace has to offer are global history recovery, weight room, Spanish recovery and English recovery. The people taking these classes learn the same content as those in a regular class.

For weight room, Mr. Lee said, “You have to work out for fifteen or twenty minutes, or you can fill out a log which is about personal workouts. The weight room is not for everybody and I don’t want to make kids uncomfortable because of what we have or who we have in here, so they have that option to do it also on their own. “

Recovery classes may be controversial for students because when people hear the word “recovery,” it could be interpreted as something bad. However, a lot of students actually like the classes. For example, Balbuena said, “It’s pretty chill. I’m not doing anything, but I am doing things at the same time. The teacher is pretty cool as well.”

It’s pretty clear that these classes have been helping people graduate. Students have found a certain understanding of the importance of recovery classes and the reason behind them having it in their schedule.

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