HBO’s New Show ‘The Idol’ Faces Lots of Controversy


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HBO’s controversial new Sunday series “The Idol” has Lily-Rose Depp and The Weeknd as its lead characters.

HBO’s new Sunday content “The Idol” is now available, and even before the show premiered, it caused quite a stir.

The show revolves around a young singer who is willing to go to any length to further her popularity. She develops a relationship with a cult leader while on her journey to becoming an overnight phenomenon unfolds in “The Idol,” which is created by Abel Tesfaye, Sam Levinson, the mind behind “Euphoria,” and Reza Fahim.

Since the audience thinks the show promotes a toxic fame culture, many individuals on the internet are upset.

The show stars numerous well-known celebrities, including Abel “The Weeknd” Tesfaye, Lily-Rose Depp, Blackpink’s Jenne Kim, Hari Nef, Rachel Sennott, Jane Adams, Hank Azaria, and Da’Vine Joy Randolph.

It gained plenty of attention when the trailer was posted by The Weeknd on Twitter.

Before the first episode, most viewers didn’t know what to expect from the series. Rolling Stone published an article on March 1 about the show and what was going on behind the curtains. The article included interviews with a few of the production members working on “The Idol.” According to Rolling Stone, the working atmosphere was unsafe and disturbing.

Although there are many people who criticize the show even before it premiered, several members of “The Idol” cast have applauded it rather than opposing it.

In addition to reviews criticizing “The Idol” for its sexual graphic content, others have said that the show degrades its main female character.

Da’Vine Joy Randoloph, on the other hand, believes it is quite the opposite and told Popsugar that the show is about “female empowerment at its core and a woman’s choice.”

“Here’s somebody just telling a story, and they don’t care what people think or what the right word or theme is,” Jane Adams said. “It is simply what it is.”

Adams also told Popsugar that “The Idol” “will help embolden [viewers] to go into their life the next day after they see it and make bolder choices and not care so much and have some more fun.”.”

What happens next with “The Idol” is uncertain, but if the first episode is any indication, the show is unlikely to take an intriguing turn.

Overall, it is currently unclear if the show will be as exciting as fans expect or a disappointment in which the most well-known celebrities were used just to entice viewers to watch the show.

Contrary to “Euphoria,” which specializes in pushing the boundaries of sexuality around young characters, the drama, such as it is, is actually hindered by the bright background from seeming edgy or unique.

“Euphoria,” an HBO drama also developed by Sam Levinson, is about teens going through events that any other teenager may go through. It is regarded as an unique show partly due to the relatability of its situations, as well as the interesting drama between the main characters.

Although the characters are seen to be sexualized, we can assume that “The Idol” will be twice as graphic as “Euphoria,” which is an issue that the audience has addressed.