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Post-Pandemic and Still No School Dance

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Pace has not had a school dance in three years–since fall 2019 before the pandemic.

In early February, the winter dance was canceled by the Student Government Organization and the school administration. After weeks of planning and preparations by the student government, staff members were not able to fully go through with the dance.

Although the time and dedication of the winter dance was given, they weren’t able to be carried through due to the short timing the club members made for the advertisements in order for the word to spread around.

The SGO originally came up with a winter dance because the students wanted it. The last time Pace had an actual dance was the fall of 2019.

SGO members were assigned roles and responsibilities and had purchased all the decorations but were still waiting for the arrangements of food and refreshments. They also hadn’t begun selling the tickets. However, the plan for the dance fell apart around the same time as selling candy grams for Valentine’s Day.

Mr. Widlund, the SGO advisor said, “The real story is we didn’t sell any tickets.” No one was selling the tickets for the dance at lunch so it just stopped. There was also no time due to the preparations of the Black History Month assembly happening at the end of February.

February was a late month to hold a winter dance compared to the previous months.

Mr. Widlund said, “We didn’t place it in December because the month was shorter. And the Regents were in January. So it was put off until February.”

Some students were feeling mixed emotions or didn’t have any reaction at all when they heard of the cancelation of the winter dance. 9th grade student Nyela Alexander said, “I did hear about the dance, but didn’t feel any strong emotions when I first heard about the winter dance being canceled.”

When Alexander first heard about the dance she thought it would be interesting, but at the same time she didn’t get a ticket to go because she’s not that social of a person.

When asked if she would go to any dance at Pace, she said, “No, I wouldn’t want to go to the dance if it were to happen again because I don’t like social gatherings as much. But I’m sure it’ll be fun if it were to actually take place.”

One student who felt sad about not being able to attend the dance is 10th grader Aahlyah Horton, who said, “I felt sad but at the same time it was expected because it wasn’t taken seriously enough.”

When asked why she thinks it’s important for Pace to have a dance, she said, “It’s important because it would be nice to make memories and have something to look back on.”

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