Students Show Spirit in the Midst of Gloomy Winter

Juniors and Sophomores representing their Pace shirts for Pace Day.

Pace students recently held this year’s Spirit Week. So many different fun and creative outfits were shown off by the students, but not as many students participated.

Spirit Week started with Sports Day on Monday, March 27 and a lot of students showed up to school with their favorite team’s jersey: Mets, Yankees, and national soccer teams such as Brazil or Mexico.

Tuesday was Character Day. A lot of students showed up with outfits of their favorite cartoons and even impersonated staff or students from the Pace community.

On Wednesday, students came wearing the Pace colors: blue and yellow. Some students even wore the school’s sports team’s jerseys or hoodies.

Thursday was Culture Day, a favorite for many students who came in their cultural outfits or brought their country’s flag. Mr. Wooh, 10th grade English teacher said, “I thought the Culture Day was cool, because sometimes you’d see kids carrying a flag of where they are from and you wouldn’t know that there’s where they were from.”

On the last day of Spirit Week, students wore their pajamas. Many people love pajama day because it lets them come to school feeling comfortable and students and staff can show off their wonderful pj’s!

Spirit Week allowed students to enter spring break stress free, since Spirit Week was scheduled in March between spring and winter break. During this time of year, students are usually stressed and need to add some fun and optimism to their lives.

Although Spirit Week was fun for some, others didn’t think the same. Kris Leve, junior, said, “I didn’t even know there was a Spirit Week until the last day.” This demonstrated how publicity of announcements might need some improvements.

Leve also stated that publicity for Spirit Week could have been better if “they made a town hall.”

Anaya Guzman, sophomore, has similar thoughts as Leve. Guzman said, “I didn’t participate in this year’s Spirit Week because I didn’t really hear about it,” suggesting that the announcement of Spirit Week wasn’t that great.

Freshman, Rainna Barrow said, “I feel like it was very last minute. They should’ve announced it weeks ahead instead of giving us a short amount of time to prepare or buy our outfits for that day.”