Future Doesn’t Live Up To His Past on New Album

Music Review


Rating: ⭐⭐⭐☆☆

Future is a rapper known for his catchy melodies and he’s a symbol for toxic relationships to our new generation. The word “toxic” is now the word that defines his whole career after having millions and millions of fans worldwide and a large base of people using his music as TikTok sounds.

Future is a rapper who talks about how his heart and toxic masculinity challenge each other, one telling him different things than the other. Future writes about self-entailed heartbreak, the drugs he relies on to heal himself, and luxury items and places he goes to compensate for his broken love life.

I Never Liked You, the title of Future’s new album, seems like something a 14-year-old boy would say after being rejected by a girl. This would’ve seemed like the perfect album to recover from a breakup with, but it lacks the substance of being one. It lacks the ingredients of being a hard-hitter. We have high expectations for Future’s albums, but it seems like he forgot to go grocery shopping before putting this out. It’s safe and a tad bit boring for fans.

Future is a great lyricist and his songs feel incredible when he has THAT producer and THOSE lyrics. Unfortunately, this album just didn’t have the Future touch. Future always tends to play around with beats, even different genres sometimes, but this time he plays it pretty safe. Nevertheless, he is still bringing out some bangers like, “I’m Dat N***a” – where he accelerates, then slows down and ends in a soft monologue.

“Chickens” embraces the childish side of Future and is a breath of fresh air from the normal hardcore toxicity and masculinity that Future never fails to reveal every song. The addition of EST Gee’s menacing personality shines perfectly and clashes well with Future and he seems like the only one with a distinguishable feature on the album.

The biggest blow and most popular song is “Wait For U,” featuring Drake and sampling Tems on her song “Higher.” It’s a catchy cheat as Tems has the ability to change simple lyrics into a hit in a matter of five seconds. Drake and Future’s part is also half-a**ed, as it is very blurry and seems like they had a gun to their head while recording. But, it is still a great catchy song and is loved by others.

“I’m on One” is also another desultory song featuring Drake. Where is the old Drake and Future? “Life Is Good” on the 2020 album High Off Life is one of the many Future and Drake songs that brought immense vibes, while this new one had me sleeping. It’s a failed execution of a duo that could’ve bought millions of fans’ hearts but instead got fingers ready to click the skip button.

“Gold Stacks” is one of the decent songs on this album as it isn’t like a stank-face, head-bopping good song but a leg-shaking, I’m-doing-homework kind of song. It also feels like those low-effort songs but I think I like the beat and the vibe of it–a rich dude vibe with, as always, a hint of toxic masculinity.

“Voodoo” featuring the one and only Kodak Black is one of my many disappointments as it just feels like they are mashing words together to make them rhyme. I see no effort, and as it is decent, I expect way more. Kodak and Future have been two of my favorites, but seeing them on a song together has become a new ick. Next time, I don’t think I’ll be able to even click on it. Kodak singing was new though.

Overall, a better producer, features and a little more effort could’ve made this album something absolutely magical and wonderful for die-hard Future fans. We all feel a little something while listening, but it isn’t like “WOW!” There could’ve been a little more spice.

Maybe next time.