Get to Know the New Teachers


Ciara Garcia

Clockwise from left: Ms. Meghan, Ms. Medina, Ms. Zoupidis, Mr. Suriel, Ms. Mornhinweg and Ms. Trezza pose together in the third-floor hallway.

This year we have six new members of the Pace community and they all have something unique to offer. Ms. Medina, Ms. Meghan, Ms. Zoupidis, Ms. Trezza, Ms. Mornhinweg and Mr. Suriel all have their own fun facts that students would not normally know. Let’s get to know them!

The newest member of the physical education faculty is Ms. Medina. With her five years of experience, she teaches in the weight room for physical education and she also coaches Pace’s soccer team. She deeply values her connection with the students and loves teaching them things they could use both inside and outside of school.

She is quite the daredevil! She loves adventurous activities. She said, “I went sky diving a couple of years back. And I wanted to go back again. I like to have adventures and to experience.”

Pace’s newest 9th grade teacher is Ms. Meghan. She teaches English, living environment and advisory for the freshman class. She said, “It’s a lot of fun. I really enjoy trying to set up the right conditions so students can find their power.”

Ms. Meghan loves dancing. She said, “I teach a dance class for adults and I hope I can teach here someday. The dance I teach doesn’t have steps. Think of it as a big dance party, which is actually also a meditation even though it didn’t seem like it.”

One time she was dancing with students in her previous school and someone recorded it and put it on Instagram. The rapper who made the song they were dancing to put it on his own social media. “The song was ‘Paper Chasing’ and it went massively viral and it was so much fun for me,” Ms. Meghan said.

Ms. Trezza, who can be found on the fourth floor, is also among these new teachers. With her two years of experience, she teaches algebra two and says that she really enjoys the Pace community.

She said, “I really felt welcomed as a new teacher and I see how united the students are. It’s nice because it’s a small school, so it gives people a chance to build those connections. I really like that.”
Ms. Trezza is from Staten Island, grew up playing basketball, and has a knack for cooking. “I played basketball my whole life. I am a basketball person,” Ms. Trezza said. “I also love to cook. I love to cook food from all over and experiment.”

Ms. Mornhinweg, who can also be found on the fourth floor, teaches tenth grade English with Ms. S. Carter and earth science with Mr. Paris.

She specifically enjoys eating from the infamous Spicy Village. She said, “Spicy Village was my favorite restaurant before I started teaching here. I was like, wow! This school is steps away from Spicy Village. It’s incredible.”

She is from Philadelphia and graduated from the University of Pennsylvania. This is her fourth year teaching and she used to teach middle school in Brooklyn. This is actually her first teaching job in Manhattan. “Every day I feel like something new is going on and opening up,” she said.

This year, Pace added a new science class to its curriculum, physics. Mr. Suriel, a former student from this very school, teaches the course. Please read “An Unexpected Return” by Kate Iza to learn more about Mr. Suriel.

Last but not least, Ms. Zoupidis is a new teacher in the math department.. She teaches 12th grade geometry and fundamental algebra to 10th and 11th graders.

Although this is her first year teaching, she really enjoys the field. “It’s an experience. I do love it though. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do since second grade. My second grade teacher inspired me to become a teacher.”

Ms. Zoupidis is very fond of the Pace community. “It’s amazing. The kids are very welcoming and hilarious and they each have their own unique personalities, which I love. I love the different cultures and the diversity in school.”

Fun facts about Ms. Zoupidis: she is a twin and is interested in fashion. She likes to watch fashion videos when she isn’t teaching and wants to learn how to sew.

There are many new faces here at Pace this year. Each and every one of them brings a unique element to the Pace community. Stop by and get to know them!