Senior Lounge Open to Seniors Only


photo Pacer Staff

Seniors Ibrahim Bamba, Alyssa Cerezo, Ciarra Barnes, Raulwin Allicock and Faith Howes have fun in the senior lounge after their classes and before their after-school activities.

The senior lounge is an open area for seniors on the second floor during school when they are looking for colleges and jobs to apply to. Seniors are often in the lounge seeking help from Ms. Burke and Ms. Kabir in the college guidance office

Senior Raulwin Allicock believes that “having the student lounge is honestly a great experience because we get to have social conversations and it helps our social life since we came back from a year of remote learning.”

Many seniors don’t actually have a full eight periods of classes and many finish after sixth period. Some have to stay after school for clubs or sports to attend so they hang out in the lounge.

“Aside from the fact that it helps the social life, the school itself is small and there is really no place for us to go,” Allicock said.

College guidance counselor Ms. Burke said, “I support the students having access to the lounge. It gives them a place to relax with their friends or just have down time.”

“The lounge makes it easier for most students to come find me or Ms. Kabir to successfully complete their college and financial aid application process,” Ms. Burke said.