Abysmal Attendance at Pace the Week after Break

Attendance at Pace during the first week back after break was abysmal. The attendance each day continued to drop, starting from Monday with a high of 53% to 32% of students showing up by the end of the week. As the days went by and the Covid cases got higher it made people second guess if they were going to come to school.  Thursday night and Friday morning there was also snow storm, which kept many students and staff home.

Jamir Geidi, grade 11, decided to stay home. “I didn’t come to school last week because my mom and brother tested positive for Covid. I tested negative, and I could’ve come to school, but my mom decided to keep me home so that I didn’t get others contaminated with the virus.”

Ninth grader Nicoleta Lanfranco decided to attend school for various reasons. “Last week I attended school because I didn’t want to be home and I also came because of my attendance. I didn’t want to be marked absent. Last year I didn’t do remote school well either.”

According to Principal Glatz, by Friday, January 7, 39 students and teachers were home in quarantine after testing positive for Covid.

By the following Monday, January 10, the attendance had gotten better, going up to 56% of students attending class.