Taylor Reclaims Red as Her Own: Fantastic

Music Review


What a difference. Taylor Swift has reclaimed her older albums as her own after officially buying them back from her record label. She is coming out with a new version of each of the albums, written and recorded how she wanted them to be. In this new album, Red: Taylor’s Version, she includes many of the songs she wrote, but that never made it onto the original album. Swift calls them her songs “from the vault.” These versions of the albums’ songs are ten times better. She re-records these songs and includes more emotion and meaning in them. This album specifically makes me excited to put on my headphones and blast most of it all day.

There are 30 songs on Red, and some of them don’t hit as hard as they were expected to. For example, the song “22” was expected to be a lot better than it is. It honestly sounds exactly like the song when it originally came out, back in 2013. The only difference is that she includes pauses where they are not necessary. She definitely could have done a lot better.

So far, “All Too Well” is the best out of all of the songs on this album. This song deserved to blow up on TikTok, and it was definitely the song that got this album 3.1 million sales. I have never heard a song so well-written. It has the perfect balance of heartbreak and happiness. I would never listen to a 10-minute song, but this is an exception.