NBA 2K22 Rebounds after Loss in 2K21

Videogame Review


The NBA 2K community is full of content creators, YouTubers, Twitch screamers and many more. Last year’s NBA 2K21 had its ups and downs, whether it was lagging servers or try-hards spamming one move at a time every game. It just made the game boring, because there was no skill in the game. So the content creators were leaving and joining other games or they started to do E-dates.

2K was losing the people who promoted the game, so when NBA 2K22 came out, it was a big comeback. Many people came back because it was so fun. There’s a new map and players got new outfits. This is great for a person who wants to start playing NBA 2K22. It is so fun it makes people want to spend money on the game and keep playing.

I started playing 2K in 2010. Ever since I’ve been hooked on the game. I can not stop buying it every year, even though 2k21 was bad. It made me play Fortnite and I kept playing 2K21 even though Fortnite was so bad. It was just little kids overplaying the game. Get off that game!

As someone who’s been playing for over ten years, this year’s NBA 2K22 is at its best since 2K17. And it’s only getting better. So go buy NBA 2K22 and have your fun. It’s worth it.