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Blue Team Wins Long Awaited Pep Rally

The boys’ basketball team got called up to the stage to represent.

On March 21, prior to parent teachers conferences, Pace held its first pep rally in almost a decade.

The blue team, composed of seniors and sophomores went up against the yellow team, composed of freshmen and juniors and competed in a series of games: the ultimate test of Pace spirit, rewarding the winners with a mystery trip.

The pep rally celebrated the accomplishments of the fall and winter sports teams and the upcoming spring teams. These teams included soccer, girls’ volleyball, boys’ volleyball, girls’ basketball, boys’ basketball, track and field, football, and softball.

“If you’re on the blue team, make some noise!” said junior Winifred Haastrup. Cheers erupted from all corners of the auditorium.

“If you’re on the yellow team, make some noise!” A roar of voices filled the auditorium.

Rei Dharamraj, an eleventh grader who helped organize the event, said, “It was pretty stressful paying attention to cues and making sure we have all the right materials at the right time. You really need to communicate and work together with other members if you want to make these events possible.”

Another SGO member, Muzaina Nushma, eleventh grade, said, “The timing is always the biggest concern; but in the end, it almost always works out, and we’re satisfied with what we produced. Working with others and knowing that we contributed to big school events is always a satisfying feeling.”

Meanwhile, the girls’ volleyball team was called up on stage and shared their gratitude towards their fellow members.

“Being a captain on the team has been an incredible journey,” said senior Leah Martinez. After the members of the girls’ volleyball team had their moment to shine, the girls’ basketball team stole the limelight. Captain Isis Glover gave a shout-out to the rising freshman players Joy Branch and Evra Oguele and informed the crowd of their potential and contributions to the team even as the youngest players.

Then, during the balloon popping contest, each team desperately ran to pop each one of their balloons. Finally, the anticipation came down to the last three balloons. Before the crowd knew it, the blue team had already earned their first point.

Next, the flag football team was called up to the stage. Coach Jack said, “These boys put their heart on their sleeve and put a hundred and ten percent in all the time.” Mr. Hylton, the guidance counselor as well as the football coach, was acknowledged for his important role in starting the team. Following the moment of support and recognition, the chants followed.

“Blue plus green equals yellow” was all the freshmen were able to utter before the upperclassmen realized it was not their playing field. “S to the O, to the P-H-O, to the M-O-R-E. Let’s go!” the sophomores began, but the energy was through the roof, so the rest of the chant wasn’t audible.

“We are juniors,” Clap, clap, clap! “You are losers!” The juniors clapped in unison.

The seniors chanted in their seats,
We are the seniors!
That you cannot beat!
Seniors! Seniors!
Seniors! Seniors!”

A string of seniors ran down both sides of the auditorium. Living up to the message of their chant, they were, in fact, the unbeatable seniors, as another point went to the blue team.

After the win by the seniors, two players frantically stacked a total of fifteen cups to earn their team a point.

SGO president Noelani Getfield announced that the losing players would get pied, but unfortunately this did not happen. The blue team once again won a point.

Both Abdul Diallo and Kean Yep from the soccer team shared their gratitude and said, “The team has been working really hard and this is all thanks to Ms. Medina.”

Next up was trivia. A teacher and a student were required from each team to go up on stage and answer a series of questions regarding the Pace community. With this game, the yellow team caught up with the blue team, but not enough to be in the lead.

The focus was then on the boys’ volleyball team. As the new sports season began, they assured the crowd, “We’re gonna bring the win home.” To adoring applause, the team beamed with confidence and determination.

The girls’ softball team,taking a sentimental approach, added “Thank you, Pace softball, for the memories that will last a lifetime.”

To wrap up the pep rally, the last game was a dribbling contest. The rules were simple: the first person to drop or lose a ball — they each had two — would be out with one important note; no getting up from your chair.

The two nominated players, Chance Thompson, the junior basketball captain, and Alsehnny Diallo, a senior, dribbled the ball at ease until it became increasingly hard to determine just who would win. As the game progressed, none of the players showed any signs of giving up. The timer finally stopped and the blue team won overall.

Mr. Glatz, our principal, said, “I thought the pep rally was pretty awesome and energetic. I loved it.”

He expressed his anticipation regarding the continuance of a student-generated pep rally, hopeful it will be a new Pace tradition.

“I love that it supports sports teams,” Glatz said, “but I would love to see non-athletic achievements illuminated because there are so many ways students contribute to the community. There should be awards that highlight student excellence and perseverance.”

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