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Love Is in the Air at Pace

photo Joseph Landy
Candy Grams filled with lots of sugary treats

They say take your time with love, but we think we’re going the right PACE.

Feb. 14th is always a day where couples share a kind experience with one another. Pace as well gets filled up on the day of love with many students or teachers having a partner to celebrate this one day of the year to fully express their love. 

When love is searched as a Google question, the word love represents an intense feeling of deep affection. Love can be depicted and expressed through many different ways. Love can be very affectionate, kind, exciting or happy. These are all different emotions but all experience the same effect of love. 

Many students have different perspectives on Valentine’s. Some students spend the day with friends, sharing baked goods, giving eachother candy, writing silly cards; while others celebrate with their partners by giving heartwarming gifts and expressing affection.

School-wide president, Noelani Getfield, feels that Valentine’s Day at Pace is different from outside. Getfield said, “Outside is more like individual relationships and spending time with each other but at Pace. I feel like we’re kind of trying to bring the community together in a way so it’s not just about relationships.”

Traditions are what bring a community like Pace together. Candy Grams continue as a Pace tradition throughout the years.

SGO supervisor, Mr. Widlund said that even though he does not know when the Candy Grams originated at Pace, he knows that Candy Grams have always been a tradition.  “I began working with SGO in 2019 with a teacher named Ms. Patterson and she had been doing the Candy Grams prior to my arrival.”

Candy Grams are little bags filled with candy such as KitKat, M&Ms, Fun Dip, and Kisses. They come wrapped with a bow and a personalized note to the receiver. 

Candy Grams are sold and given out in advisory by SGO members to the ones you admire. The price of a candy bag is as low as $2. It is action packed with candy and you are able to purchase as many as you want during lunch periods 3rd and 6th or by even going to Mr. Widlund’s room.

Pace isn’t the only one to do the tradition and as Mr. Widlund puts it, “We are trying to keep up with other schools in the city!” Similarly, other schools celebrate the holiday with Candy Grams which bring the community together. 

Even though there could be some drawbacks as to not having a significant other, you can still spend Valentine’s Day with friends and family to show each other love. 

Due to the recent snow day, Candy Grams should be distributed during advisory throughout the rest of week. For more possible sales, people can still buy Candy Grams up until Friday this week.

Show your love to one another by purchasing Candy Grams and sending them to your best friends and/or partner.

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Ixchel Reyes-Hernandez
Ixchel Reyes-Hernandez, Reporter & Designer
Ixchel Reyes-Hernandez, a junior at Pace High School, devotes her time to help around. She is Co-Designer of the Pacer NYC as well as being a reporter and writer for the newspaper. She is also Captain of Communications in Student Government Organization (SGO) and helps around organizing events and activities for the school.
Joseph Landy
Joseph Landy, Reporter
Joseph Landy, a junior at Pace High School, has a wide variety of interests. He is a two-year boys' volleyball varsity athlete as their libero. He is more focused on sports and break dancing.

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