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Pace’s New and Improved Menu

Roque Silvagnoli & Chanel Crispin
New food options of school lunch.

Students in grades 10, 11 and 12 have the opportunity to go out during 6th period for lunch off campus. According to some students, these are the best places to go for lunch.

The Chubby Crab

The Chubby Crab(77 Chrystie Street) (Roque Silvagnoli & Chanel Crispin)

The Chubby Crab is a student favorite in very high demand. It recently opened and students love it.

They sell multiple items, but the favorites are the combos of fried chicken with fries ($12.50) or chicken tenders with fries ($12). You can also request Cajun fries which most students enjoy. These combos are affordable and they give you nice sized quantities.

The Chubby Crab isn’t usually crowded but students have given high ratings on the quality of their food, ranging from 4 out of 5. Sophomore Dishann Barnes said, “It buss.”

The Chubby Crab
77 Chrystie Street, New York, NY 10002
TUE – THU: 12pm – 10:30pm
FRI – SUN: 1pm – 11:30pm
Call: 646-847-8239


Empanada Mama

Empanada Mama (95 Allen Street (Roque Silvagnoli)

Empanada Mama is an NYC classic and has been open for over 15 years. With four locations throughout the city, it is very welcoming to all.

They sell wheat, corn flour and baked empanadas. They also have vegan options. The price ranges from $4-5. They also sell entire meals like arroz con pollo Colombian-style, which is shredded boneless chicken mixed with sofrito sauce in seasoned yellow rice, peas, onions and red peppers. This is served with maduros (fried sweet plantains) and that’s just one of many meal options.

According to Google their rating is a 4.4 out of 5. Some students say that their food is satisfactory, but expensive and sometimes not in their budget.

Empanada Mama
95 Allen Street, New York City, NY 10002
Open 24/7
Call: 212-673-0300


Super Taste

Super Taste on 26 Eldridge Street. (Roque Silvagnoli)

Super Taste is an around-the-way dumpling place that is usually packed with people wanting to taste their delicious dumplings. You get 20 dumplings and a drink for only $12. Students who go here say that the food is delicious and say it’s very affordable and cheap. This location has been open for 19 years. “It’s my favorite place to go in the neighborhood,” Ms. O’Sullivan, a geometry teacher, said.

“It’s $7 for a bowl of shallot oil noodles,” said Ms. Abbate, a special education teacher. This place is popular to a lot of people in the Pace community.

“The fried pork dumplings are good,” said Ms. DeRosa, Assistant Principal. According to Google they have a rating of 4.6 out of 5.

Super Taste
26 Eldridge Street, New York City, NY 10002
Open 24/7
Call: 646-283-0999


Pace’s Lunch and Cafeteria

The new breakfast choices in the school cafeteria. (Roque Silvagnoli & Chanel Crispin)

Over the summer, Pace’s cafeteria and lunch improved drastically.

Pace now has improved foods for breakfast and lunch. Breakfast includes new Chobani yogurt and fresh fruits. Lunch includes hot served meals such as baked chicken, pizza and other items.

The workers who are in charge of providing these lunches made it known that their job is much harder when restocking certain items. “I like it, but it makes my job harder trying to find these foods,” Delores, the lunch lady said.

Last year’s in-school lunches were not great according to many sophomores.

Freshmen this year still complain because their lunch takes place during third period and they aren’t able to go out for lunch, so they are stuck with school food. “I wish it was later so we can go out for lunch,” said freshmen Kristen Harley.

Starting from the left it is Tiamoi Dias Chambers, Farhan Hossam, Symone Carre, Alyssa Quiles and Gisella Romain (Roque Silvagnoli & Chanel Crispin)

According to staff, the cafeteria seating was not great in the past because the students could not sit comfortably. Before it was easier for the upperclassmen because they had access to both the cafeterias but freshmen didn’t. It was very crowded and uncomfortable. There were long tables with benches attached. But, now there are restaurant-like booths and stools that are not only elevated but are also ranged where everyone can sit with no complaints.

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