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Giving Our New Staff a Pace Welcome

photo Andrea Moral-Lopez
The new staff at Pace. From left to right: Ms. Piatkowski, Ms. Gold, Mr. Doliber, Ms. Barcia, Mr. Carballo

The Pace community has welcomed new staff members once again. There have been staff additions to the English, history, and science departments. Our new staff members are Ms. Piatkowski, Mr. Carballo, Mr. Doliber, Ms. Gold, Ms. Barcia and Mr. Hudson.

Ms. Piatkowski teaches Foundations for Literacy and ENL English for all grades. She enjoys gardening and cooking Italian food in her free time, using crops that she grows herself. She’s joining Pace from an elementary school. She mentions the change in teaching elementary and high school in regards to the conversations she is able to have with her students. She said, “I feel like we’re having a lot more laughs in the class because we get each other’s jokes.”

Freshman Bryan Mixcoatl, a student in the Foundations for Literacy class, mentioned the activities he experiences in Ms. Piatkowski’s class. He said, “We get random questions for journals and everyone gets the chance to talk.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Carballo and Mr. Doliber have joined the history department.

Mr. Carballo teaches global history recovery and Participation in Government and Economics. His hobbies are biking, playing tennis and watching movies.

From the Participation in Government class, senior Dahmya Moore said, “He gets us a lot of information on government…his classwork is easy to understand and we get a good amount of time to do work, he’s pretty understanding too if you miss an assignment.”

Junior Josue Leonardo mentioned that Mr. Doliber’s U.S history class is interesting, not just because of the history but also due to the way he teaches. “He puts a lot of action into it so it makes it feel that I am part of the history he’s teaching.”

Mr. Doliber is the new teacher for U.S. history and AP U.S. history. He has several hobbies, including archery, woodworking, and camping. One of his favorite movies is “Children of Men” and he recommends people watch it.

Mr. Hudson.
He helps monitor the hallways. (Andrea Moral-Lopez)

Sophomore Marangelie Gil comments that Ms. Gold “has a really good energy, she’s someone I can talk to.”

Ms. Gold has taken over teaching the chemistry and health classes. She enjoys cooking, baking and traveling. Her travel journey began in college, and her first trip was to the Republic of Georgia. She mentions that her most memorable experience in traveling was her trips to Vietnam and Laos.

Pace has also welcomed Ms. Barcia, the social worker of the school. Some of her hobbies include spoken word poetry, yoga, and meditation. Ms. Barcia is someone students go to when they need extra support. She’s the person to go to when people need more support.

The new dean Mr. Hudson is new to the building but not new to Paces community. He has been a part of Paces basketball teams as he’s helped coach for 20 years and used to work with the YMCA.

Despite the different concentrations of the new staff, they do agree that one of the best things about Pace have been the welcoming students that make up the community.

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