‘M3GAN’: The New Creepy Doll of the Year

Movie Review


M3GAN, short for Model 3 Generative Android, is programmed to have conversations, play, protect and teach your kid new things.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐☆

“M3GAN,“ the new campy horror movie, only playing in theaters, is trending. The three-minute long trailers brought a lot of attention to this movie about a doll slash robot.

Cady, played by Violet McGraw, survives an awful car accident leaving her an orphan to be raised by Gemma. But Gemma has her hands full to raise and be the new guardian of Cady.

This movie centers around M3GAN, short for Model 3 Generative Android. She is a new toy developed by Gemma, played by Alison Williams, to take care of Cady, eventually impressing everyone. Gemma was inspired to create M3GAN, played by Amie Donald and voiced by Jenna Davis, by her previous project, Bruce, who is also a robot controlled with a pair of gloves and a person’s own movements.

M3GAN becomes Cady’s new companion through these harsh times. M3GAN is programmed to have conversations, play, protect and teach Cady new things. Unfortunately she protects Cady a little too much.

Shortly after her formation, M3GAN became self-aware. What you least expect is right under our noses! Her launch into the world had to be stopped but M3GAN is too strong at this point. Cady also has an attachment where she explodes with anger once she’s without M3GAN.

This movie had a lot of aspects that many people could end up relating to. The turn of events shows how nothing could ever replace a loving family. Gemma and Cady had a really rough time together showing how parenting is not easy, but this bond should never be given up. Nonetheless,” M3GAN” shows how technology can really take a toll on one’s life for the better and the worse. Gemma and Cady’s relationship definitely brought out feelings of compassion. As I watched, I was hoping they would have a happy ending together.

I let out some laughs during the movie. M3GAN’s lines and actions were very unexpected during certain moments within the film. Right before putting Cady into bed, M3GAN starts singing “Titanium” by David Guetta in the middle of the dark and silence. Or when she is on her way to murder Gemma’s boss, she stops in the middle of the hallway and busts out some moves! She is really smooth with it. This movie is able to target any generation’s humor with these unexpected scenes.

I definitely couldn’t hate M3GAN. She is so iconic and is always up to something. The trailers showed a lot of her and her design. She is horrifying at times, but she also serves with her looks.

This movie carries out the perfect balance of horror and comedy. With the cheesy and unexpected twists, I was entertained the whole time. I definitely needed a fun creepy movie to watch and I’m excited to know what M3GAN 2.0 will bring us!