Important Asian American Art Under Restoration in the Commons

Most students in the building have not seen “Timeless Spirt” by Seong Moy as it was covered in a blue tarp for the past few years when the tiles began falling.

The School Construction Authority is currently restoring the large tile mural in the commons. The ceramics tile mural by Seong Moy is titled “Timeless Spirit” and was originally made in 1984.

Arnold Aprea, Cornerstone Conservation, one of the lead workers in restoration said, “The best part is to see everyone’s excitement.”

Workers are repairing old tiles on the mural, as well as bringing some new tiles to replace some tiles that fell off the mural a few years ago.

The project has been ongoing for quite a long time, stated Aprea, “for over four years.” The estimated completion of the project is approximately March 2023.

The creator of this mural, Seong Moy, was an American painter born in China, who emigrated to the United States at the age of 10, and then began his art studies as a teenager.

Aprea said their goal in the reconstruction of this project is to re-display the artwork in a much safer, reconstructed version of the mural.
Aprea has a plan to prevent future occurrences of the tiles being damaged. “We are going to renew originally existing tiles and also make some newer ones,” said Aprea.

The mural must be conserved, as Seong Moy, who died in 2013, was one of the few Asian-American artists who has their work displayed in a New York City public building.