Early Start Time Causes Frustration for Some, Relief for Others

Sophomores Ray Dharamraj and Miguel Martinez socialize while Dania Ali takes a quick nap before school starts.

Last June, the faculty voted for the school start time to be the standard Department of Education time of 8:20 a.m. In previous years, teachers at Pace voted for school to begin later at 9:08.

A lot of students were upset at the announcement of the change. But three months into the year, the feelings are more mixed.

Sophomore Nicoletta Lanfranco said, “I feel having an earlier schedule is easier because we get out earlier and there’s no reason to be late.” Lanfranco also said, “There are some students who are responsible and the ones who still show up late. Then you end up sitting there wondering what’s happening in class.”

Ms. Banks said, “I wake up earlier and leave earlier, too. This leaves more park time for my dog.” Banks commented that the trains run smoother early in the morning and are less crowded for her. ”It leaves more time for school culture, clubs,” Banks said. “Overall, it’s been a positive change for the school.”

Even though most people don’t mind the new change, some disagree and want to go back to the old start time of 9:08 a.m.

“I’ve been in the school four years,” said senior Jose Rodriguez. “Going from an earlier to a later time has been stressful, especially for any kid who lives far away and has to wake up so early in the morning.”

Most students have disagreed with the new schedule while others have taken a liking towards it. Rodriguez said, “It’s more positive in a way. Since it’s a new rule it will be more stable. Kids were late and skipping.”