SGO President Tiago Neves declares, ‘Everything has to change, from lockers to bathrooms.’

Tiago Neves gives his candidate speech to a sophomore crowd.

As school starts, so do elections. SGO held elections in October for student leaders which resulted in new grade-level presidents and additional representatives.

Winning candidates include 9th grade president, Anim Sams; 10th grade co-presidents, Raiyann Zaman and Muzaina Nushma; 11th grade president, Noelani Getfield; 12th grade president, Jared Vargas; and school wide president, Tiago Neves. (Disclosure: SGO officers Tiago Neves and Raiyann Zaman are current members of the Pacer NYC staff.)

When the school wide president was announced, Tiago Neves said, “The school has been the same since I got here, now I can finally do something about it.”

Neves campaigned to address problems he sees at Pace, “Everything has to change, from lockers to bathrooms.”

Many people in the student government organization were previously president or representative in an earlier grade, but it’s acceptable to join the club since the need for people who will advocate and help the Pace community is still great.

“I was an 11th grade president and 9th grade representative so I want to make the community more fun,” said senior president Jared Vargas.

The 9th grade president Anim Sams said, “I am excited to be a president. It’s a privilege to be a president.” Anim Sams is eager to see how SGO can impact the community.

In her campaign speech, tenth grade co-president Raiyann Zaman said, “It’s important to have a person who represents you to collaborate and be dedicated student wide.”

Muzaina Nushma, who is co-president with Zaman, talked about fairness and the importance of communication. As well, she wants to create a suggestion box for new ideas or commentary.

Co-president Zaman also talked about the locker situation. “Lockers, I need a locker, you need a locker, everyone needs a locker.”

Zaman added, “Seasonal dances or just those in general happen in a normal high school experience.” She hopes to help SGO host more dances.

All winning candidates have a common goal, a good system with ideas to engage with students since “the right communication and team building is key to a good environment,” Nushma said.

This year, ballots were printed on paper instead of digitally. In hopes of preventing voting fraud and having the experience of in-person elections, each candidate recited their speech in front of the grade they hoped to represent. After all candidates spoke, paper ballots were distributed for voting.

The purpose of the election is to share ideas and elect representatives that listen to their grade.

SGO’s goal is to create changes and foster Pace spirit starting with bake sales, seasonal dances and trips for a spectacular experience throughout the grades.

Representatives and presidents elected for office in every grade, along with the school wide president, work to secure a good school year for everyone.