Can’t Stop Playing “Clash Royale”

Video Game Review


Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Clash Royale is an online game popular with a group of people at Pace, which makes up a clan called Pace CR and has a total of 21 players.

Clash Royale is a fast paced game in which opponents try to take each other’s towers while defending their own tower with buildings, spells and troops. Clash Royale also has a friendly battle game mode that allows friends to go against each other which allows Pace students to play each other for bragging rights.

Since Clash Royale is such a fast-paced, intriguing and skillful game it could be addicting and by playing many games continually–the time could really add up. Also no one likes losing and everyone likes winning, which makes it a situation that takes away your time either way. When you win you play again, when you lose you play again, trying to reach the top of the leaderboard in different game modes, challenges and tournaments.

Clash Royale is addictive, it makes the player keep playing until the phone dies and when the phone dies the player charges the phone, then plays again and again. I understand this from personal experience. The excitement you get from winning against a tough matchup, the anger and disappointment from losing against an opponent. It all messes with your head until you decide to take a break… until the next time you play.