Jollibee to Open Times Square Restaurant in July

Restaurant Review

Workers taking and filling orders at the Woodside, Queens Jolibee.

Jollibee, a Filipino fast food place, is considered the McDonald’s of the Philippines. Jollibee contributed to the idea of “cultural diffusion” around the globe. The United States invented fast food and created multinational corporations worldwide.

Jollibee originated in Quezon City in the Philippines in 1978. Jollibee franchises have spread around North America in the past few years, with a current number of 70 outlets.

Currently, the only Jollibee in New York City is located in Woodside, a predominantly Filipino area in Queens. In July, a Jollibee franchise will open in Times Square.

Times Square, one of the most famous places in NYC, will have a Jollibee and become a major tourist attraction when it opens in the summer. Get ready to get a glimpse of the Philippines on the streets of New York City.

Although Jollibee’s menu includes American dishes such as french fries, burgers and chicken sandwiches, there is a taste of Filipino culture in every bite. The Jollibee Yum Burgers include a Filipino-style mayo to give it a sweet and salty taste.

The Jolly Spaghetti has a sweet taste in the sauce with hotdogs, instead of meatballs. The Chicken Joy is hand-breaded fried chicken served with a side of gravy and often ordered as a combo with Jolly Spaghetti. Chicken Joy is also served with Adobo Rice.

The best example of traditional Filipino food at Jollibee is Palabok Fiesta, rice noodles covered in garlic sauce with pork, shrimp and slices of boiled egg.

Jollibee is all over the United States, it is a major fried chicken spot that people from all over love to try. My favorite Filipino desserts from Jollibee are peach-mango pie and banana langka (jackfruit) pie.

Jollibee has over 5,800 restaurants worldwide and has become a cult favorite to many globally. People all over the world have wanted to get a taste of the uniqueness of Jollibee dishes. With their tantalizing treats, who wouldn’t want to go to this wondrous place, filled with culture and diversity?