Students Travel Back to Medieval Times for Fun


Erick Drayton

The outside of the Medieval Times building.

On May 23 freshmen and juniors went on a trip to Medieval Times in Lyndhurst, New Jersey.

The students left the building around 9:15 am on a coach bus.

Students ate chicken, potatoes, corn, rice, fruit, and bread along with water or a purchased drink. They were entertained by a staged medieval fight. Upon arrival, visitors entered a castle-like structure. Once inside there were displays, art, a kid-friendly bar, and a gift shop.

Visitors were put in a colored section or kingdom, which was represented by a single warrior who followed the non-bullying “Code of Chivalry.”

Students enter the arena and are seated in the Kingdom of Leon. (Erick Drayton)

The performance involved a dancing horse, a falcon flying overhead, multiple jousts followed by hand-to-hand combat, and lessons about bullying.

Pace was assigned “The Kingdom of León” or green section and was represented by the bold “Green Knight.”

Freshman Samantha Yuen said, “It was pretty fun and we were able to have some freedom on the trip and back.” It was her first time visiting and seeing the show.

Giving it two thumbs up, she loved the energy and said, “I would want to go back and recommend it to others because it’s a nice show.”