Exceptional, Terrible & Hilarious Blind Dates: Drama Club’s “Check Please”

Theater Review

Ninth graders Erick Drayton, Aaron Moore, Ray Dharamraj and 12th grader D’Laini Canty.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐☆

Drama club is presenting their spring show “Check, Please” by Jonathan Rand, in which the characters go on blind dates gone wrong. With three parts in one act, characters begin the show with two people who go on a series of dates with others. These two characters stay the same through each blind date, yet the two characters change over each part. The two characters meet others until they meet each other towards the end.

The actors did well with memorization as some spoke lines as if they truly meant them. However a few actors forgot cues and missed lines creating an awkward pause. But this pause created space for other actors to jump in and continue.

Mr. Weber usually presents a play that the drama club initiates for free. The play used music for each date that corresponded to the vibe the characters give off. The play was organized and used props to create scenery for the audience.

Assistant Principal Chong controlled the sound, 9th grader Lola Mihaljova hosted the lighting, and drama teacher Mr. Weber was the play’s director. Each person had their own task to exploit for the audience and I think they did a pretty good job.

The play was exceptional since some scenes were hilarious, portraying dates I wouldn’t have expected to go a certain way. Whatever you think might happen is not what goes down and I was quite shocked at the dedication of two actors Erick Drayton and Dahmya Moore.

The next show is Thursday, June 2 at 3:45.

Overall, I would give “Check, Please” four out of five stars. Since I went in support of my friend, I thought it was gonna be good either way since the drama club works hard for the showings.