The Commons are Getting a Little Sweeter Because of the School Store


Reisha Dharamraj

Ninth grader Erick Drayton buys a bag of Cheez-It snacks from the store

The school store is a place in the Commons where students can buy food and snacks whenever it is open.

The store has a wide variety of food to buy such as candy, ramen, drinks and popcorn at an affordable price.

Dania Ali, 10th grade, regularly goes to the store. “I usually go to the school store whenever I get hungry during class. I would go often but it’s been closed a lot recently.”

During class periods, the store would be open, but in April they changed the schedule due to an excessive amount of Pace students going down in the middle of class. The school store is usually only open during the lunch periods now.

Milly Bosse, the Parent Association President of M.S. 131, is usually the one supervising the store. Ms. Bosse explained that the profits go to the middle school for “events like graduation, trips and dances.”

Ms. Bosse explained the reasoning behind opening the school store. “During Covid times, students didn’t want to go outside to get lunch,” and this was her way of making sure everyone “was able to eat, and get the food and snacks needed.”

Dania Ali went on to say that she didn’t really care where the money went because “in the end, I’m getting fed.”

Dahmya Moore, also a 10th grader, had a different opinion. She also goes to the school store regularly to buy noodles or candy. She says that she “never really thought about where the money went, but I’m gonna say the middle school.”

Moore also said that if the money went to the middle school, she shouldn’t care, but felt like “they should give some of the profit to the high schools, because a lot of the money also comes from there.”