Students Gain Life Skills in Financial Literacy Class


William Zhang

Ms. Lyons engages students with information on financial literacy.

Financial literacy class gives students opportunities to learn how to manage their finances when they go out into the workforce.

Ms. Lyons, who is the teacher of the class, believes that the financial literacy class should be one of the core classes. “When students do leave high school, and when they graduate from college, they can be better equipped to manage their money,” she said. “We don’t want to find a lot of students not able to pay off their debt or not able to buy property because of their low credit score.”

She believes that “if we give students the foundation before they get out into the world, they don’t have to learn through experience.”

In financial literacy class students learn about managing their finances, how to budget and how to set up different types of bank accounts, for example a checking account or a savings account. The class also teaches students how to make investments and how people may lose or gain money out of them.

Ms. Furca, who is an algebra teacher, also believes that financial literacy classes should be taught to students. “I never had financial literacy in high school because all I was able to do is listen to people telling me what to do instead of me knowing what it is about.”

Ms. Furca also said, “I am getting married so I need to budget everything. I need to pay my bills and I need to save up enough money for my wedding.”

One of the students in Ms. Lyons’ financial literacy class says that the class is very educational and it teaches students how to “use money and avoid certain areas, especially credit cards.” He claimed he learned some new things that helped him with using his credit card.

Financial literacy class is an elective Ms. Lyons would like to offer next year again. The course counts towards a math credit. Students will be able to put in their preferences for next year’s electives at the end of this semester.

This class is a great place to gain knowledge about managing your own finances and to learn about how to use what is offered to you for your own advantage.