When a Loved One Contracted Covid

First published in June 2021 at CovidClass2021.com.



About five years ago, my cousin and her husband came to visit the United States for the first time. It was very exciting for them and my family because New York has a nice way to welcome everyone. We have amazing clothing stores, tall buildings, people dancing in the streets, and most importantly, everyone wants to see Times Square. They stayed at my house for a month and we made memorable moments. I knew my cousin married the perfect guy. He treated her like a queen and all the ladies in the house admired him for that. He had his life all sorted out. He had my cousin as a wife, the profession of a lawyer, two smart daughters, and a beautiful home. I admired his life. He even gave me some tips on how to be financially stable. He taught me how I could run a business alone and basic facts about being a lawyer. He kept our conversations going for hours. My mom knew that he was a respectful man with charisma and talent. She didn’t think twice about asking him if he would be my godfather. It was exciting news when I found out and I couldn’t imagine life without his guidance and advice.

Once their journey was over here in the U.S.A, my cousin and my new godfather went back to Ecuador. To this day I talk to my godfather but not like before. He still talks about politics and how his job is stressful. I enjoy our 20-minute conversations over the phone when we try to catch up here and there. I was hoping I could have visited my family and godfather last summer but Covid interfered in my plans. My mom is more in contact with my godfather and I heard some unfortunate news about him since the last time I saw him. The first news that made me pity him was when my cousin decided to divorce my godfather. Everyone knew it couldn’t have been my godfather making a mistake. My godfather was very loving and soft when it came to his lady and it left me very shocked how she wanted to divorce him because everyone would want a man like him. Within the whole process of getting divorced, my cousin who is also my godmother tried to take everything away from him. It affected me a lot hearing this because I felt more for my godfather than my cousin. My godfather didn’t fight back because he still loved her.

After a time, he got sick from his stomach which led to something far more serious, depression. My godfather didn’t have the energy to work or do anything at all. His divorce and illness messed up his confidence and mental health. The last I saw my godfather, he was a strong confident man with a lot to give to the world. I couldn’t imagine his pain. Things couldn’t have gotten any worse when I received the news in early May that my godfather tested positive for Covid.

Covid-19 hit countries that have a lot of poverty in a harder way than the United States because poor countries have corrupt systems. People in Ecuador don’t help you if you don’t have money. My godfather has been trying to get back on track with his life and career. From what I know so far, the virus has given him punctured lungs which are basically shortening his breath. This will eventually lead to him not being as active as before. He may never be able to work out or do anything physically demanding that could make his heart race. Hearing this tore me apart because sometimes life can hit the wrong people. My godfather is fighting to get well again and finding his way to have peace. I admire my godfather for that.